News-O'Brien Irrigation Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC November 2005

O'Brien Irrigation was chosen to install the irrigation system for the backyard of the Tripp Johnson Family in Medfield Massachusetts. The Johnsons youngest son has a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy and cannot walk, however the whole family are big Red Sox fans. The Extreme Makeover team created a miniature Fenway Park baseball diamond for their backyard, and O'Brien Irrigation created the maintenance system to keep it (and the entire Tripp Johnson landscape) looking green and perfect with minimum effort.

An O'Brien Irrigation Lawn Flag on Extreme Makeover


An O'Brien Irrigation lawn flag planted in the backyard. O'Brien Irrigation was the company chosen to put in the entire irrigation system (including the miniature Fenway Park) in the family's yard.

Miniature Fenway Viewed Left


This is a night shot of where O'Brien Irrigation put in a specialty sprinkler system on the TV show, Extreme Makeover.

The Other Side of the "Mini Fens"


Once O'Brien Irrigation installed a custom irrigation system, the hardest thing this family had to do was "Play Ball!"

One of the Presenters on Extreme Makeover


Constance Ramos, one of the presenters from Extreme Makeover.

O'Brien Irrigation was part of the team to install the miniature Fenway Park for the little boy, and installed the whole irrigation system for the Tripp Johnson Family. The show producers thought that since this family had one child who needed constant care, the job of making sure their miniature baseball diamond was green and looking good should be handled by experts. O'Brien Irrigation was chosen to do the job because we are experts in making your life a bit easier because you don't have to worry about whether you "got water" on your do when we put in your system, and with the least water usage from you, too!

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