It's All About You

A close up of a spray system.

First we give you a consultation and free estimate now with Water Saver Tune Ups-The first thing O'Brien Irrigation does is to take the time to find out exactly what you want, what problems you have, and what your needs are. We try to make sure that you end up with an irrigation system which meets all of your needs, costs you the least to run, and gives you as much low maintenence time as possible. We know the last thing you want to do is worry about your landscape, you want to spend your time enjoying it, and that's what we are here to do, give you that personal paradise you crave.

The side garden of one of our client's homes.

Customizing your system to your needs-Next, O'Brien puts together a system of irrigation which will provide you with the lowest cost and easiest care method for keeping your plants and grass healthy all year long. We specialize in getting your landscape as healthy as possible while minimizing your need to spend lots of money on water. Each irrigation job is special to us, that's why we make up a special irrigation set up for your and your needs. Whether we suggest cutting edge technology or tried and true methods, you can be sure that our experience is guiding us to giving you the most reliable and effective system you can get.

The backyard of one of our client's homes.

At O'Brien Irrigation we make sure we provide you with the best in irrigation technology. We deal with such expert equipment manufacturers as:

Weathermatic-The leader in on-site water management technology.

Hunter, the Irrigation Innovators-The cutting edge in new watering concepts..

One of our team of irrigation experts.

Installation-O'Brien is famous for our quick yet thorough installation of watering systems. Our crews have had years of training in putting your equipment in the smartest and most convenient configuration possible. You'll thank us for as long as you own your property, because we put ourselves in your shoes. We want your irrigation system to be put in quickly, properly, and conveniently for you.

O'Brien aftercare.

Aftercare-With OBrien Irrigation, you never have to worry about being left "high and dry". Thanks to our available aftercare package, we are always there to help you out and make adjustments. We are part of your community and are in business to give you the service you want.