Water Saver Tune-Ups: Easy Affordable Beauty!

One of the private homes which O'Brien Irrigation has serviced. Great looking yard and the time to enjoy it!

O'Brien Irrigation is now offering Water Saver Tune-Ups as part of their services to all clients. With rising water prices everyone wants to know the most efficient way to get valuable water to valuable landscaping. O'Brien is one of the pioneers in efficient watering and knows every trick there is to wringing the last drop out of your irrigation system. What can you do now? First, click here and read what Rainbird suggests you do as a bare minimum to keep your lawn green and your water usage low. Next, pick up the phone and call O'Brien Irrigation (phone numbers are in "Our Two Locations" link to the left, or drop us an e-mail by clicking here) and ask for a free estimate and Water Saver Tune-Up Suggestions from one of our landscape care experts. We don't just quote you a price, we give you an in-depth analysis of your landscape from the roots up! Our customer service is legendary, our work ethic is unbeatable, and our knowledge of irrigation is, bar none, the best in the area!

Example  of Obrien Irrigation commercial landscaping.

O'Brien can do commercial irrigation, too. Your business will look green and inviting automatically, and will far less water usage.

O'Brien Irrigation is tops in commercial irrigation applications as well. We can make your business look more inviting and relieve you of the cost and time of keeping your plantings watered, and with less water, too. Give us a call and ask for a free estimate.

One of our fleet of trucks.

We are a local company so we know all about the irrigation problems you encounter here in New England, and we know how to provide you with the greenest lawn and lushest garden with the least amount of maintenence and water use from you. We can do it all: home, commercial property, lawn or garden, industrial, or custom installed systems can be tailored to your needs and to give you the maximum time for enjoyment with minimum maintenence from you and maximum efficiency.

Here are a few of the things we do:

Ask us for a free estimate and Water Saver Tune Up, you will be glad you did.