Garden Care vs. Lawn Care

O'Brien Irrigation equipment at work

Lawncare Grass of all varieties thrives on a constant deep watering pattern. Your lawn relies on you watering at predictable intervals, and since it is made up of only one kind of plant, you only have to worry about one pattern of irrigation. Deep but infrequent watering helps root growth, but if you water too much your lawn actually gets weak and is more susceptible to diseases and insect infestations. O'Brien Irrigation knows the proper watering intervals to use on your green lawns in your growing area. Moreover, O'Brien is the expert in getting more benefit to your plants with the least water usage. Ask about the Water Saver Tune-Up suggestions we have for your landscape's needs.

Photo courtesy Hunter Industries     Photo Courtesy Hunter Industries

A Healthy Garden is Slightly Different With gardens, your watering needs change because you are trying to satisfy many different types of plant and their watering needs. At O'Brien Irrigation we are experts on what sorts of water needs different plants have. Are they type which hate "wet feet"? We can really help you out with drainage problems which have been stumping your best efforts. Do you have the type of plants which insist on constant moisture? We can provide you with that. Do you have the types of plants in one area which like the soil to thoroughly dry out and then get a good soaking? We can set you up with a system which will give them the optimal condition for them to thrive, while saving you the most money in maintainance.

We can even take into account whether your garden's watering needs are for flowers or vegetables! You can count on O'Brien Irrigation to let you enjoy a bumper crop of your favorite home grown vegetables while giving you the time to enjoy them instead of maintaining them.

If you have a garden which is made of many different watering needs, we can fulfill your toughest challenges. Ask us about it. Not only will we give you a better garden, you will save tremendous amounts of time watering because we set it up for you automatically. We can advise you on the pattern, drainage, duration and interval of watering for your specific garden, and we are sure you will be very pleased with the results.